This is a Fictitious Story.*
Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.
All names and places are purely fictional.
Any resemblance to real people or happenings is purely coincidental.

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Perhaps Upon A Time, I was married in August of 1978. My (fictitious) wife and I lived in Fouthbeard Sairway apartments in Wullman Pashington while I attended (a fictitious) University. Shortly after we married Z. came to our front door.  Both my (fictitious) wife and I were very sick with the flu. Neither of us felt well at all. Z. had a full beard and I had not seen him for many years.  Not only had I not seen him in years but I was feeling horrible at the time. Z. asked if he could come in. I said, "Who are you?" The beard really threw me off (and still does). He said, "I’m your (fictitious) cousin Z."  I told him he should not come in because we were both sick and he might get the flu which was awful.  He had driven across the Southern Zregon desert (Malheur county) and was not in the least happy that I did not let him in to visit. It is a long way from Malheur County Zregon to Wullman Pashington. In retrospect I should have let him in but at the time, being so sick, it seemed like a bad idea to get him sick also.  I had a bad headache and all I wanted to do is throw up, not the best time for visitors.

After I finished school my (fictitious) family moved to Zeattle (a fictitious place). I got into buyinglies and selling photographic equipment.  I used to travel to photo shows to sell equipment.  I was passing through Zlympia (a fictitious place) and called Z. I suggested I come to his place and we get together for a cup of coffee. He told me I could not come over. I asked when we might get together and he responded he did not know.  I phoned him again the following year and the conversation went much the same. At that time I also suggested my (fictitious) family and his (fictitious) family might get together and we could go to the Space Projectile. His response was, “We’ve already been there!” The tone of his voice, throughout all conversations during both years, made it clear that he wanted nothing to do with either me or my (fictitious) family. He never said this in exact words but that is what he was doing.  At the time this upset me very much. It's not like he made it hard to understand what he was doing. In no way was he ever required to like me, but neither was he required to later lie to others about what he had been doing.

Years later Fred (my fictitious elder) visited my (fictitious) family in Zeattle.  I had not seen him intrip a long time and I was pleased to see him.  Fred (the fictitious elder) indicated he wanted to visit Z. I said I did not want to go because he had treated me and my (fictitious) family very badly.  I finally agree to go.  Fred (the fictitious elder) set the time to leave fairly early in the morning. The next morning my (fictitious) wife woke with a bad migraine so we did not get up early.  I was planning to go visit but by the time we got up Fred (the fictitious elder) and Ann (his fictitious wife) had already left without us. While I did not want to go I was going to go visit Z.  My (fictitious) wife was feeling very sick (I would have had to have gone alone with my (fictitious) kids); and I would have had to have left her home alone. My feeling at the time was Z. does not like me anyway nor does he want anything to do with my (fictitious) family.  I did not want to see Z. after how badly he had treated me and my (fictitious) family. It was a long drive for me with my (fictitious) kids especially if my (fictitious) wife could not go. I and my (fictitious) kids ended up not going on the visit.

Fred (my fictitious elder) went to visit Z. Z. lied to Fred (the fictitious elder) about how he had scoldingtreated me and my (fictitious) family. Much later this made very bad problems for me with all my (fictitious) family of origin. Long ago, when Z. was much younger, I visited his (fictitious) family at their camp. Z. had done something wrong. Exactly what really does not matter. His (fictitious) father, George, was not happy with him and was lecturing him on the entire matter. He was trying to get Z. to admit what he had done. I was listening. I knew perfectly well what he had done. At the time I knew he was lying to George (his fictitious elder). I kept thinking why doesn't he just tell the truth? I listened to him lie over and over again. Lies suck and they hurt other people very badly!  Telling the truth once in a while might work better [the world according to me (a writer person)].
I have standards (read on).


My (fictitious) brother Quinn got married at my (fictitious) Father’s home in Zennsylvania (amarrried fictitious place).  I wanted to attend but did not want to have anything to do with the Z. family. Z. had treated me and my family horribly. This was not some mistake. This was done on purpose and Z. liked neither me nor my family in any way. This was very clear to me and my (fictitious) wife if not to others.  It seemed best to stay away from the Z. family to me at the time.  I should never have attended this function it was a big mistake on my part. I wish I had not gone! I might be very smart but sometimes I make bad choices. If Quinn gets married again I am not attending!

Z's Mother, Rawenna, had prepared a surprise birthday party for me. I did not want to go near Z's cakefamily. Fred (my fictitious elder) confronted me in the woods. I told him I did not want to go because Z. had treated me and my family very badly. He said, “You’re a God Damned antisocial asshole.”  This hurt me a lot.  I had previously tried for two years to get together with Z. and his family. I had tried to be social. I had tried to be nice to both Z. and his family.  The entire family went to my birthday and I did not.  I walked 22 miles, all night long, to the freeway and then got to the airport so I could leave. It rained all night, and I had no raincoat. I got very cold and wet. I got very drunk while walking. I have never been the most social person in the world but I had made efforts with Z. That did not work so well did it?

I tried for years to get an apology from Fred (the fictitious father) for what he said to me. I tried to faceget help from my family of origin in order to do so. The entire family (and I mean everyone1) turned against me. They spent the night looking for me after I left the lake.  I was always abused by my direct family. I grew up that way. Being yelled and screamed at for hours was normal for me. Having continued abuse from all of them would have been nothing different from how I grew up. I was told no I did not deserve an apology (by the fictitious mother4). I was told to shut up (by the fictitious 2nd brother). I was told to leave people alone (by both fictitious brothers2). In short I was abused for years by the entire family. I tried for a long time to fix this one matter with Fred. To this day things are not fixed at all. Fred (the fictitious father) is dead. His Sister, Rawenna, is dead. They both went to their graves having badly abused me along with all others in the family3. I'm sure George (the fictitious elder) was involved in this also. I hate everyone in the family due to the abuse that I suffered. Why would I desire to be near anyone in the family so I may suffer more abuse? At least I am no longer abused by my brothers and sister or anyone else in the extended family. Abuse sucks!


Z. did phone me to make up.  During this conversation he told me he had never been to Wullman.bottle Both my (fictitious) wife and I know that he came to Wullman. That lie does not work.  He said, “I can’t remember what I said”.  What he meant is he does not remember exactly what he said to me. While I might believe this to be partly true what Z. can remember is the reason he blew me and my family off. What I also know is, Z. is perfectly aware of lying to Fred about what he did. These lies caused me years worth of horrible pain, awful pain. I started drinking to block out the pain of what the family had done to me. It's not possible to drink enough to block out all the pain. I became diabetic probably due to all the stress of how people treated me. I suffered horribly because of how I was treated. My physical health has suffered greatly due to how the entire family treated me. I've been told I may die at any time from kidney failure or a heart attack. Either option sounds bad to me. Lets try something else if possible! Gym's Site.

Because Z. could not tell the truth I could never get an apology from Fred. Because Z.dog could not tell the truth I could never get any help to get an apology. Because Z. could not tell the truth the entire family turned against me.

In short Z. blew my entire side of the family apart because he was dishonest. He has never said he was sorry for blowing me and my family off.

Because he refused to tell the truth all others in the family refused to help me. Because he refused to tell the truth Fred would not say he was sorry. Others in the family may still be friends with each other, but I am friends with not one person on my side of the family4 or Z's family. I was badly abused by all. Abuse really hurts. But then again I was always abused when I grew up so what more can I expect. To be fair to my mother, recently she has been nice to me.  Z. lied to get out of what he did; this caused just a few problems for me. It seems to me like he got George's support in his lies? Lies really hurt others.  To this day Z. has never apologized for what he did. He does not tell the truth. He’d rather just lie, works so much better.


A Writer Person


I wrote this so that people at least understand what was done.

To the best of what I know this is truthful fiction. A writer's job is to tell the truth.

     1Including a sisiter.
       She need not take
       "further action"
       in order to get rid
       of me.
      2Now I leave them alone like they both wanted.
      3I dislike Ann greatly for how she treated me.
        She was mean and nasty to me
        andwill die having been so!!
      4I made up with my fictitious Mother
        ,and I now have no bad feeling for her
        other than a lack of email;
        and one other major issue
        which she is aware of.
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